How it Started

A legalization of marijuana is anticipated to aid in the fight against climate change for a healthier ecosystem, replace plastic, be used to treat a number of chronic illnesses, boost the economy, create millions of jobs, improve social disparities related to marijuana enforcement, and free up limited police resources. The #LegalizeNepalOfficial movement is a global awareness campaign started by Heman Shahi and Friends with the intention of providing global support to the cannabis community. Shahi immigrated to the US when he was 18 and has experience in clean energy sales industries for ten years. Through his efforts alone, billions of pounds of carbon dioxide have been prevented from being released into the atmosphere. He was also involved in the Legacy Cannabis community for many years in New York City and other parts of the East Coast. In his time with Legacy Cannabis and while working for the betterment of the environment, he laid the foundation for the cannabis movement. He decided to promote cannabis and how it can be an asset to humanity and our planet. This mission inspired the Legalize Nepal Official/Free the Plant Globally movement, which has taken over social media and the internet, in the streets of Kathmandu, and all over the world.

"Let's free the plant globally for a chemical-free conscious next generation of humanity."

- Heman B. Shahi

Freeing the plant globally and raising awareness about conscious cannabis consumption is the mission of the initiative. Since the movement's inception, we have climbed Mount Everest, traveled to more than twenty countries across five continents, and met more than fifty celebrities/influencers. Nepal's legalization is a top priority for our movement because the country suffered the most from marijuana prohibition. Nepal being a small agricultural landlocked country, relies heavily on tourism for its economy. Most tourists came to Nepal to see the Himalayas and nature, but a huge number came for the licensed hashish shops and organic marijuana, which are all part of Nepali culture. After 1973, Nepal experienced significant negative effects from the International War on Drugs started by USA, including a decline in tourism as a result of the prohibition of marijuana. Additionally, people lost the sense of security they had with legal marijuana, which had an impact particularly on those who used it for medical N agricultural purposes

There is no denying that cannabis culture and Nepal share a long and intricate history. According to Hindu culture, marijuana is considered Lord Shiva’s offering and medicine. People of different religions have been using cannabis for cultural, spiritual, and healing purposes since time immemorial. But the opportunity to rectify historical wrongs committed against the Nepalese people now rests with the current government. Marijuana has grown in our country since the beginning of time, and it will persist no matter who holds the reins of power. Join us on our mission to support a conscious, chemical free next generation of humanity


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